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PHOTOS: Euflora Returns for FlyHi 4:20 Festival

PHOTOS: Euflora Returns for FlyHi 4:20 Festival

April 20, 2020

Photos/Jason Truitt Thousands attended the annual 4/20 event, again hosted by Euflora, at Civic Center Park in Denver, Colo on Apr. 20, 2019 for a celebration of marijuana's progress towards nationwide acceptance....

Image via Time Magazine.

Editorial: To Fund Mental Health, Just Tax Weed

October 18, 2017

Next month, voters in Eagle County will decide whether or not to increase the sales tax on recreational marijuana. If the bill passes, it could pave the...

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Taking the High Road: The Facts on Marijuana-Impaired Driving

February 16, 2017

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana here in Colorado, driving high has been a major safety concern. Everyone wants their roads to be safe,...