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Faces of ACC: Libby Bortz

Faces of ACC: Libby Bortz

March 11, 2019

If you find yourself at ACC looking for Libby Bortz, it's more than likely you'll locate the 84-year-old and long-time Silver Sneakers member lifting and...

You Have a Free Gym

You Have a Free Gym

Dylan Boxer, Entertainment and Culture Editor

October 2, 2018

The Gym. For some, it’s a term synonymous with sweat, tears and aggravation. For others it’s known as the “Iron Temple," a place to hone one's strength...

Move Mountains at the ACC Fitness Center

ACC Fitness Center Stationary Bicycles (image via Emily Langenberg)

Emily Langenberg, Managing Editor

November 3, 2017

Do you want to move mountains? Would you like to earn a credit-hour for going to the gym regularly?  Would you like to earn that tuition credit for work...