The Arapahoe Pinnacle

Plenty of spectators watch a court soccer match at Larrisa Station Park in Athens, Greece on June, 25, 2019.  This man stood out to the crowd with his athleticism,

Hearts in the Park

September 11, 2019

In the back streets of Athens, Greece near the Candia Hotel where we stayed during our visit, I walked past Larisa Station Park and witnessed the future...

An overlook of the Pompeii ruins.  A vineyard was replanted to mimic what used to be there. Mount Vesuvius is seen in the background. Photo taken on Thursday, June 20, 2019.

ACC Studies Abroad to Europe

September 6, 2019

Last summer, many ACC students and faculty took upon an experience around Europe they'll never forget. The group traveled to many European countries, s...

Catalonia: A Bid for Freedom, But at What Cost?

Rashid Mohamed, Managing Editor

October 22, 2017

BARCELONA -- Spain is currently facing its worst constitutional crisis since the restoration of democracy in 1977. The Iberian country was thrown into turmoil after an unlawful referendum took place in the semi-autonomous region of Catalonia earlier this month, in which part of its population overwhelmingly voted for independence. In an attempt to reign in the unruly enc...

Europe on the Brink

Europe on the Brink

October 10, 2016

Europe is facing troubling times. The European Union, once hailed as the greatest political project in history, only rivaled by the United States of America...