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Important Moments and People in Journalism History

Important Moments and People in Journalism History

Arapahoe Pinnacle Staff research and report on influential moments and people in American journalism.

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How American Outlook on the Vietnam War Changed

Joan Didion: The Storyteller Journalist

Ashley Peoples, Reporter

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” ― Joan Didion, The White Album Stories are what keeps us alive. Stories have the ability to entrance its audience like nothing else can. Stories will never go away. The approach to how journalists have written has changed over the years. A wave of what was called New Journalism swept into the 1960’s and 70’s. This movement changed the way people t...

Town Criers: Yesterday and Today
The Fall of the Twin Towers and the Rise of Citizen Journalism
Titanic: The (Un)sinkable Ship
Blood with a Twist: On-Air Suicide
Ida B. Wells, Nineteenth Century Writer and Fighter
Hart Starts Sex Scandal Era
Dorothy Kilgallen; Reporter Cloaked in Controversy
Lynsey Addario: Expanding the Image of a Photojournalist
Truth Trumps Tyranny: Reporter Edward Murrow Unmasks Sen. McCarthy
Death of a Dreamer: John Lennon
Tom Wolfe and New Journalism
Pioneering Investigative Journalism: Nellie Bly Changes the Game for Women Journalists
“Yellow Journalism” Leads to War with Spain
The Defining Moment When the World Learned America Lied