Election 2016: Pinnacle Staff Tackles The State Ballot

There are many initiatives and candidates on the ballot this year. The Arapahoe Pinnacle staff decided to illuminate the issues while also taking a stance.

Low Voter Turnout: You Have More Options Than You May Realize

Scott Bright, Advice Columnist; Counter-Culture Editor

You do not have to vote for either major party candidate, you still have plenty of options.

Head, Heart, or Not At All: How do I Vote in 2016?
Ballot Measure 4B: Culture for All
Amendment U: A Step Forward For the State’s Economy
Amendment 70:  A Minimum Wage Reflective of Rising Living Costs
Amendment T: Vote to End Slavery in Colorado
Amendment 72: At What Cost?

Proposition 106: It’s Not About Death, But About Suffering

Jennifer Roque, Arapahoe Pinnacle Editor

For many terminally-ill Coloradans, Prop 106 offers them a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and if not passed, it is unlikely that the bill would come around again anytime soon.

Trump Isn’t Likely To Make America Great Again, But He May Be The Key To Making The GOP Great Again

Ashante Wood, Outdoor Reporter

Lions are often most “vicious” in their dying days. We are witnessing the death of the Republican party, and everybody knows it.