5 Tips to Break Free of Caffeine’s Stranglehold

Marcus Montoya, Reporter

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 win_20160921_23_28_06_pro1. Wake up and Run!

Actually, you don’t have to run. I hate trotting around aimlessly, ala the Budweiser Clydesdales, unless I am playing basketball. With that being said, I highly doubt any of my friends are up for a 4:30 a.m. pickup game. Instead, do push-ups, sit-ups, or one of my favorites, burpees. Anything that stimulates blood flow is great at any time of the day to revitalize your brain and give you a longer lasting boost than any caffeine supplement.

2. Drink up…. Water that is.

Any amount of dehydration can cause a feeling of sluggishness, so staying full of good ‘ol H2O is going to prove beneficial for anybody. The less water you have, all of your systems will suffer.

3. If You NEED a supplement for energy, try taking vitamin B12

As busy as our lives can get, it is not uncommon to need a little extra boost. Rather than going for that Rockstar or cup of coffee, try vitamin B12 for a change. Studies show that this cheap over the counter supplement can go a long way in boosting energy, as well as memory function. If you are vegetarian or vegan, I highly recommend trying this before any caffeine supplement. People who do not eat meat, eggs, dairy, or fish can be slightly deficient in this vitamin; this can lead to feeling the need for a wake-up call, and most people wrongly assume caffeine is the savior.

4. Sleepy throughout the day? Get some D in your life.

Vitamin D is something that most people could benefit from. Whether you are a student or just work a lot, it is easy to forget to go outside and smell the roses. Locked in a cubicle or classroom can lead to a deficiency of this vital hormone and leave you feeling a little sleepy during the day. Studies have found this to be prominent in pregnant women, darker skin toned individuals, or anyone who does not have the luxury of getting into the sun on a regular basis.

(I noticed this a ton when I worked graveyards in manufacturing, as my time schedule was flipped. Because I was sleeping throughout the day and up all night, I rarely saw the sun. Upon supplementation of this hormone, I saw a gradual increase in my energy throughout the day as well as a better night’s sleep.)


5. Have to have that coffee? Give yourself a break.

If you absolutely love that little caffeine rush, go ten days a month without it. Giving yourself a stimulant intermission will give you a chance to avoid adrenal fatigue. This syndrome, adrenal fatigue, is when your body gets over-saturated with caffeine, and your tolerance raises as a result. The pick me up you used to get from one cup of coffee is gone and now you need three.

In short, your body has turned this drink into a medium roast drug.

Nothing will help as much as this method of addition by subtraction. As you give your receptors a chance to hit the refresh button, your body will be cleaned up and ready for that cup of joe. Do this once a month and you’ll be feeling like you’ve never had this dark roasted magic before. Nothing compares to the first time, right?