Scholarship recipient Cecilia Lee enjoys involvement in student activities

Scholarship recipient Cecilia Lee enjoys involvement in student activities

Timothy Page, Arapahoe Pinnacle Reporter

Humans of ACC, is a series of Q&A presentations about students, faculty and staff.

Today’s human is Cecilia Lee, a student here at ACC, who was recently honored with the All-USA Community College Academic Team Scholarship.

Arapahoe Pinnacle: What plans do you have outside of ACC?
Cecilia Lee: I’m going to transfer to the University of Alabama in the Fall, and I want to be an Electrical Engineer, but probably with an emphasis in Global Affairs as a minor.

AP: What’s one of your favorite things you’ve been a part of here at ACC?
CL: Oh. You’re making me pick, this is not ok. Um. I’ll just say two things. One of them is the student Bible Study and prayer group. I really love that because it’s just a fun group of people. That pulls in a lot of interest from different parts of the school. We founded [it] in January, so it’s still pretty new. Also probably Student Government. I do the social media for student government, it’s been really cool to see how they’re interacting with the student body in the school.

AP: The All-USA Community College Academic Team, what exactly is that?
CL: So how it works is, through Phi-Theta-Kappa you can apply for scholarships and each community college in the country picks two scholarship applications to represent their school. Those two people go on the compete at the state level, and at that level everyone gets a scholarship. So I was selected as the top scorer in the state from all 13 community colleges, and sent on then into a bigger pool of applicants from across the country and they picked 20 people from that pool of one person from each state to be part of the “Academic Team” which isn’t actually a team it’s just a scholarship.

AP: Finally, what’s one of your favorite things to do outside of school?
CL: Um, technically social media, but that’s not a very valid answer so let’s say reading, when I’m on top of things here at school, and I dance. Mainly ballet at Denver Academy of Ballet.