‘The Alamo Drafthouse’ is keeping the cinematic experience alive

Timothy Page, Arapahoe Pinnacle Movie Critic

If you’re like me, you love films and going the theater can be an escape from life or just a chance to experience a fantastic story. If you are like me and love sitting in a theater and watching movies, The Alamo Drafthouse is the best theater for you.

The Alamo is a theater that shows most big release movies. They feature reserved seating, reclining chairs, and a menu full of food. They also love films, and that is front and center in what they do. They hate ads and try to run their own custom pre-show programming before the show starts. They do special events almost weekly, and they will not hesitate to kick you out of the theater if you are being disruptive or using your cell phone during the film.

The special events the theater holds may include a showing of a film with a live band playing the soundtrack, a marathon of films that lead up to the newest one releasing (Star Wars was their most recent); they even show films on actual 35mm film stock, if the event calls for it.

If you like dinner and a movie, The Alamo has you covered. You can do a full three course meal if you’re hungry or just go with a classic bucket of popcorn. Most of the snacks run the typical movie theater price depending on what you want, but the meals might run you $20-30. It’s not cheap, but the quality if definitely there.

The Alamo also has a wide selection of beer, and a bar is actually part of the Littleton location. Now, being 19, I can’t personally speak for how good the alcohol is here, but I do know it’s something they pride themselves on. They even give out exclusive pint glasses for certain events. All of the meal, snack, and drink info is available on their Littleton location website.

The Alamo got its start in Austin Texas and has expanded greatly over the years. Having one of their theaters in Denver is something we should take advantage of. If you want your movie going experience to be awesome and free of interruptions, then The Alamo is the place you should go. The cinematic experience might be losing a bit of its charm, but Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas are here to make sure going to a movie theater will always be pleasant experience.

For ticketing info, prices, and show times, visit their website.