The Denver Broncos are the 2015 Super Bowl Champions

The Denver Broncos are the 2015 Super Bowl Champions

Anthony Silio, Reporter

The Denver Broncos defense does it again, as Super Bowl 50 ends with a 24-10 victory for the Denver Broncos and their third championship in franchise history.

Cam Newton dropped back on a third and nine play expecting to find an open receiver only to be stripped by Von Miller. All of Denver breathed easy after that play knowing that their home team has just secured a Super Bowl victory.

The Denver Broncos stole momentum in the first quarter as Peyton Manning led his team down the field for a field goal to take a three-point lead. The Broncos defense continued to pile on as they held Cam Newton and the Panthers for the entirety of the first quarter. With six minutes left in the first quarter, Von Miller sped passed the offensive tackle to perform the strip sack on Cam Newton. The fumble was recovered in the end zone by defensive end, Malik Jackson, for a Bronco 10-point lead.

The Broncos never trailed as their defense and special teams held the lead throughout the entirety of the game. In the second quarter the Panthers looked like the highest scoring offensive team in the regular season during their four and half minute, 73-yard touchdown drive. The Panthers could not keep up their offensive prowess as that one-yard touchdown rush by Jonathon Stewart was their only touchdown of the game.

Both teams exchanged field goals the remainder of the game setting the scene for a possible comeback situation as the Panthers took the field on offense trialing by six, with less than five minutes to play. After a failed run and pass attempt, Von Miller heroically ended the drive earning him a Super Bowl MVP.

The Broncos sealed the deal behind a two-yard rushing touchdown by C. J. Anderson, who enjoyed an instrumental 90-yard rushing performance in a Broncos victory. Emmanuel Sanders was Peyton Manning’s go to target throughout the game, and Jordan Norwood, who had a 61-yard punt return, were both key performers for the Denver Broncos.

Cam Newton completed 18 passes, for 265 yards, but no touchdowns and one interception were key issues for the Panther’s loss. Peyton Manning controlled the game, completing over 50 percent of his throws, and only making one mistake to the ball hawking Panthers defense.

Both defenses played great combining for an NFL Super Bowl record 12 sacks. Demarcus Ware, Derek Wolfe and MVP Von Miller combined for five sacks and eleven tackles. Broncos Head Coach, Gary Kubiak, wins his first Super Bowl as a head coach making him the first head coach to win with the team he used to play for.

Although this victory was not as dominant, Denver Broncos fans finally get to replace the memory of Super Bowl XLVII, where the Broncos lost to the Seahawks 43-8.  Despite an up and down season from their quarterback, the 12-4 Broncos kept surviving till the very last game of the season. Peyton Manning has won his second Super Bowl at the end of what could be his last season as an NFL Quarterback. Bronco fans could care less about the season stats and are grateful for their first Super bowl victory since 1998.

No one can take away this Super Bowl victory, for the now three-time Super Bowl Champion, Denver Broncos, and until this time next year they will be regarded as World Champions.