ACC Sturm Campus Spring Fling

Benino Coscia, Reporter

At the Arapahoe Community College (ACC) Sturm Collaboration Campus, students gathered for the Spring Fling on April 18, 2023.

By the front, you could sign in, and guess how many eggs are in the container, and potentially win a prize! There were many other attractions, including virtual reality (VR) games, Mario Kart, trivia, and flip cup survivor. There was also a career fair to learn about job opportunities.

For every activity you go to, you would receive a stamp on your paper. When you accumulate three stamps, you can get a ticket for free food or Kona Ice. Answer a trivia question correctly, and get a goody bag and a popsicle.

LaMario Fortson, an organizer of the event, said that these events “help people have fun during the stressful exam season, and make connections with other students.” Many students at the event said they had a lot of fun participating.

Past all the games, attractions, and activities, there was a career fair. The companies there were Amazon, Raising Cane’s, Highland’s Ranch Community Association, Goodwill, and FedEx Ground.

Amazon was looking to staff their fulfillment center by hiring delivery drivers. Raising Cane’s was mainly there to get their name out and hire people. They said for some of their jobs, they can help pay for or fully pay for tuition!

Highlands Ranch Community Association said they had 4800 acres of conservation land, and they were looking to get students to benefit both their program and the students.

Compared to last year’s ACC Sturm Campus Spring Fling, this event was much bigger. There were more people attending, more games and activities, free food, and a career fair that wasn’t there last year.