Faces of ACC: Maggie Kidnay-Rouse

Why Maggie Kidnay-Rouse embraces knowledge as a career choice


Image via Nicole

MKR is the new part-time librarian at Arapahoe Community College library at the Littleton Campus, Oct. 24, 2022.

Sometimes one cannot plan for their future, they just fall into it by chance. That statement is true for Maggie Kidnay-Rouse, a part-time reference librarian since August of 2022 at Arapahoe Community College.

Kidnay-Rouse graduated from Regis University with a bachelor’s degree in English. Where after graduation she originally planned to find a job in international education, but jobs in that field are few and far between she later learned.

In an e-mail Kidnay-Rouse stated, “[international education] is a field where the people stay in their jobs until retirement and there are only a handful available.”

The lack of opportunity in that field caused her to wander a bit until a chance encounter with a best friend from college. That friend worked at Arapahoe Public Library and encouraged her to take a chance on librarianship. Kidnay-Rouse then worked at Regis University’s library for about a year before applying for her master’s degree.

She stated, “I wanted to make sure I liked the field and that it was viable. I didn’t want another international education experience.”

Kidnay-Rouse than obtained a master’s degree in library and information studies with recognition in the Honor’s Society of Phi Kappa Phi from Emporia State University located in Emporia, Kansas in 2019.

She has acquired multiple certifications like Copy Descriptive Cataloging of Monographs Using RDA, Fundamentals of Metadata and Fundamental of Collection Development and Management to name a few, to expand her librarianship knowledge base and to open different career path possibilities for herself. Stating that a “librarian as a career can be a versatile path,” the options can be limitless if you are open to the opportunities.

Kidnay- Rouse explains the main difference between an academic librarian and a librarian at a public library or in a specialty-focused area is how the librarian facilitates their resources to their audiences. These different areas allow for a wide range of growth and opportunity inside librarianship to build a career and a home for oneself.

Referencing how there can be negative stereotypes of librarians, for instance with cat glasses and stern faces shooshing those who would disturb the quiet. However, Kidnay-Rouse stated her belief that there is a “new wave of librarianship, where it is more welcoming and fun. Trying out different things and being more approachable.”

She discussed the variety of services the college offers to its student body at no cost. Kidnay-Rouse stated that she “tries to push and promote knowledge being free to students.” For instance, services like a 3D printer, writing lab, tutoring and even areas to sit and work out while completing schoolwork.

It seemed like it was meant to be when the part-time reference librarian position opened at ACC in July of 2022; due to the personal ties she felt she held with the institution. Kidnay-Rouse’s family has been members of the student body over the years at one time or another. Her mother was a student once at ACC, when she decided to take a Photoshop class. With her newfound skillset, she made her daughter a photoshopped picture of her cats in Renaissance outfits. The photo is something Kidnay-Rouse displays with pride in all its creative glory.

If she is not working or presenting at a library conference called Back In Circulation, where she submitted a summary titled “What a Cyber-Attack, Leadership Change, and a Pandemic Taught Me About Interlibrary Loan,” she can be found taking a walk, listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Kidnay-Rouse can even be found learning the Japanese tea ceremony that she stated she had the honor to be invited to from a friend.

Later in an email, Kidnay-Rouse stated her priority “first and foremost is to support ACC’s community, faculty, and student body.” One could call Kidnay-Rouse an enabler extraordinaire, and she would happily add the tagline of “come hang out, we encourage it, you’re welcome.”