Join the Faculty/Staff vs. Student Dodgeball Game


Image via Wan San Yip

Angela Merlano, Co-editor-in-chief

Students, are you hungry for revenge after receiving a bad grade? Staff, are you fed up with students leaving trash around campus or bad-mouthing your teaching style? You can now sign up for a faculty/staff vs. student dodgeball game to enact your anger!

Two separate games will be occurring Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon at the Arapahoe Community College Littleton campus.

All staff, faculty, and students can sign up for Tuesday, September 20, or Wednesday, September 21. Each game will last an hour, starting at 2 p.m. on both days. The games will take place in the Fitness Center located within the Annex.

Faculty who have signed up include Jennifer Husum, Theresa Groff, and Evan Kravitz.

Slots are filling up quickly on both sides, so rally your buddies and join the friendly competition!

Accommodations and information can be requested by contacting event organizer LaMario Fortson at [email protected]