Brame, ACC Dean of Students, Leaving School for Next Step in Journey


Image via. Javon Brame

Jacob Davies , Reporter

After devoting nine passionate years to the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) and three years to Arapahoe Community College (ACC), Dean of Students Javon Brame has decided to take the next step in his journey and will be parting ways with ACC in May. 

Taking this job in 2019 was not an automatic decision for Brame. During his interview, Brame used his open forum to question ACC members to see if he felt ACC was a student student-first institution. 

He inquired about the school’s diversity equity and inclusion, the outcomes of their graduates entering the workforce, and the school’s ability to meet students’ basic needs. After his inquiries, Brame decided that ACC was a school that was ready to do so, and he became a part of ACC.

After discovering ACC was a student-first institution, Brame took the reigns intending to meet students’ basic needs. Whether that was a food pantry or making sure his students had access to disability services, he paved the way for ACC to do so, and he feels has been his biggest accomplishment at ACC.
But he’s not the only staff member who feels this way. When asked what Brame’s biggest accomplishment was, ACC’s vice president Lisa Matye Edwards said on a phone call, “It was increasing services to students surrounding basic needs. Javon took us to the next level.”

Regarding his departure, Brame alluded to the character Santiago’s journey in Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. Santiago is a shepherd boy who leaves his profession as the next step in his journey to find the treasure but discovers inner treasure along the way. With Santigo and Brame both being shepherds and taking the next step in their journey, it’s an apt comparison.

When asked about his motivation to move on from ACC, Brame said, “Sometimes you take a step back and look at where you are and make some decisions based on needs in your life.” 

So what’s next for Brame? He says he’s planning to work as a senior optimization executive for Campus Works, who says their mission is, “to collaborate with colleges and universities to develop and implement insightful strategies that improve institutional effectiveness and enhance the student experience.” But he says his ultimate goal is, “to work internationally with higher ed across the country to help move forward visions for student success.”

While many students and staff will miss Brame at ACC it’s important to remember that the departure of a Dean will have ramifications. However, ACC already has plans for a new dean. In an email to all students, Vice President Matye Edwards informed students that Associate Dean Jennifer Husum will take on the role of Dean of Students.

While Edwards spoke highly of Brame and named many admirable characteristics she says if there’s one of Brame’s characteristics students should try to mimic, it’s his authenticity and challenge of the status quo.

Brame leaves students with one last piece of advice. He tells students to persevere and search for their purpose, and as the student-first Dean Brame has been, he says what he’ll miss most about ACC is the student body.