Arapahoe Community College Lock Out

ACC Campus Police Protect Students From Disruption And Person Of Interest


Campus Police protect Arapahoe Community College campus and ensure safety.

On November 17th at 7:29 pm, Arapahoe Community College (ACC) sent out an email notification saying the campus was on lockout. Lockout procedures at ACC consist of all doors being locked, classes continuing as usual, and regular updates on the situation.

Due to Littleton Police in the area, the school was put on lockout lasting an estimated 30 minutes. At 8:07 pm, the email notification that the campus was all-clear came in. The last lockout was on October 28th, which the reasoning for was not specified. ACC Campus Police ensure safety through many different routes such as the notification system used tonight.

When ACC Campus Police were asked about specific reasoning, they commented, “We didn’t want to disrupt students.” Campus Police also said that there was a person of interest about three blocks away from the school campus in the Littleton Downtown Area. No other information was specified on the situation with the person of interest.