Civvl- The fastest growing money making gig due to Covid-19


Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Due to the coronavirus sweeping through America, many people lost their jobs. According to the Congressional Research Service, during America’s lockdown earlier this year, the unemployment rate peaked at 14.7%. This left many Americans unable to pay for things like rent, so many families have been getting evicted.

The Aspen J Institute says that an estimated 30-40 million people are at risk of getting evicted this year alone. This created an opportunity for many businessmen to take advantage of. During this time, an app called Civvl was created. This app is like Uber, but for evictions. Anybody can sign up to do it. According to Civvl’s website, they do foreclosure cleanouts, property inspections, property preservation, post-eviction notices, and plain old evictions.

Civvl operates in all 50 states, so if helping the community is of interest, check this out.