What the Arapahoe Pinnacle Staff is Doing in Quarantine


Image via Pinnacle Staff

A collection of photos of what the Arapahoe Pinnacle staff is doing during quarantine.

The Pinnacle staff, and everyone else in the world, has been stuck at home, in quarantine. During this time, we all seem to be running out of shows to watch, books to read, and activities to do. So we gathered some of the things we, the Pinnacle staff have been doing in quarantine.

Andrea Mason, the Coordinator of Journalism and Contemporary Media and advisor of The Pinnacle says: I’ve been reading David Quammen’s nonfiction book “Spillover” about zoonotic diseases. I started with “The Chimp and The River,” a chapter from “Spillover” about the origin of HIV that was expanded into its own slim publication. The information and the stories are terrifying yet addicting. Difficult to read but impossible to stop reading.

Jake Smith, a reporter for The Pinnacle says: I’ve watched The Wire for about the 6th time. I’m trying to stay fit in a home gym. I’ve logged hundreds of hours on NBA 2k, Pokemon Sword, and Rainbow Six: Siege. I’ve started a re-read of A Song of Ice and Fire. But probably most importantly, I’ve been prepping for the birth of our child which should happen around the time this is posted.

Cam Yarumian, reporter and photo editor for The Pinnacle says: The main thing keeping me sane during this quarantine would be playing Animal Crossing on my Switch lite. The way I would describe Animal Crossing to someone who has never played it is by comparing it to a combination of Minecraft and Sims. It is amazing and lets my creative mind loose! Something that I have been doing mentally is, trying to be in the moment. We are all forced to be more aware of things around us and once we pause for a second and look past the pain and sadness of the world, it is still filled with little beautiful things.

Lucas Miller, also a reporter says: Having time to sit at home has given me the opportunity to finally catch up on reading books, such as the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, as well as letting me finally watch Breaking Bad. Yes, I’m super late on that. Writing is a passion of mine, and I’ve had time to work away on my own stories or pieces outside of writing for the Pinnacle. I even draw maps or sketches to accompany those pieces! Of course, what better way to forget about the worries of today than by getting mindlessly lost in some great video game? I also take time to learn new recipes and experiment with food and drinks at home.

Juana Rocha, reporter, and social media editor says: Aside from schoolwork, my weeks staying at home have been consisted of doing activities like yoga, rollerblading, and going on long walks with my dog to keep my sane. I watched a lot of 90 Day Fiance and all of the new reality tv shows on Netflix. I have also been making jewelry for my friends. Some days I just sleep all day.

Jaymes Grundmann, Editor-in-chief of The Pinnacle says: While many people have been consumed by boredom during this mess, I’ve had my hands full with moving into a new place with my girlfriend and working two jobs. While it’s been overwhelming at times, I’m incredibly grateful to have work and social interaction right now. Other than that I’ve been reading a lot of Whitney Webb‘s investigative articles and catching up on some of my favorite podcasts like Useful Idiots, Champagne Sharks, The Ripple Effect Podcast and Media Roots Radio. Oh…and I have six cats (furry terrorists) at my new place, so there’s never really a dull moment.