How to Stay Sane During a Pandemic


Image via Cam Yarumian

A bike left on the side of a sidewalk on April 2, 2020.

Cam Yarumian, Reporter/Photo Editor

Even though this tunnel may seem very large and endless there is an end to it. Treating it with seriousness and keeping our distance, we can stop the spread of the COVID-19 and reach the light at the end. During this time, your anxiety might be heightened but don’t let it make you irrational. Keep your anxiety in perspective by taking practical steps to stay strong and sane.

Create a schedule and stick to it.

Scheduling is planning your activities so that you can achieve your goals and priorities in the time you have available during Stay At Home Order. While it is easy to get lost in the new Netflix series Tiger King, it is important to set aside time to accomplish work that probably needs to be done in your professional and personal life.

Not only keep yourself sane but help those you love to stay sane as well.

Make a list of family members or friends you want to connect with through Zoom, Facetime or Skype. This is a perfect time to renew or strengthen relationships with old friends or family. Give and receive advice. Another vital thing to do during this time is reaching out to friends who struggle with OCD, anxiety or other mental illnesses. They might need more support and love. Kaiser Permanente made a special page for talking to loved ones about how you’re feeling. FindYourWords is a dedicated page that helps find the help you might need or your friends and family.

Start daily mindfulness or mediation habits.

Set aside time to listen to what your body needs. It is as simple as sitting still and watching your breath go in and out. It is expected for you to feel endless stress, so when you set this time aside, you are training your mind to let go of every thought as soon as it arrives. During this time, try Headspace or Calm. An article by The American Psychological Association states that “mindfulness mediations decrease emotional reactivity.” This means that it helps people disconnect from emotionally upsetting things and enable people to focus on the better picture.

Lastly, take time to find and share an uplifting story.

It is hard to not live in negativity during this pandemic, we see the world changing in ways that most of us have never witnessed before. It is important not to fill your mind with all the fear and worry, but to realize that there are still positive things happening in the world. Positive.News is focusing on only and all positive news from around the world.

This isn’t an easy time for anyone, but hoping this gives you ideas on how to stay sane during this crazy time. Don’t forget to check in on loved ones and check-in with yourself.