Throwback Thursday: Cultural awareness club offered at ACC


Issue of the Rapp Street Journal detailing the Cultural Awareness Club. Photo taken by Juana Rocha on Oct. 26, 2019.

A cultural awareness club at ACC?

In an article published by The Rapp Street Journal, a former student publication at Arapahoe Community College, in October of 1997 the Cultural Alliance Club was announced. This club was designed to provide cultural awareness and support for minority students at ACC. The club sought to speak to inner-city high schools and recipients of welfare to inform them of their educational opportunities as well as recruiting new members. The group also worked to promote cultural and ethnic events on campus by bringing guest speakers to talk on motivation, cultural awareness and personal success.

Tammy Samuels was a student at ACC, vice president of student senate, and a member of the Cultural Alliance Club.

“We define minority as the disabled, blacks, Hispanics, single parents, gays, and lesbians, basically anyone who feels they are not represented at ACC,” stated Samuels. The club provided a network of support for students in need.

Currently, ACC has a Spanish Club which shares Hispanic and Latin culture with the ACC community as well as the Gay and Ready to Slay Club which brings members of the LGTBQ and friends together to talk about current issues.

Do you think a cultural awareness club is necessary at ACC today?