Club Spotlight: Running Club

Numerous people running in a group.

Image via Adobe Stock Photos

Numerous people running in a group.

Jessica Brendlinger, Contributing Writer

The ice has melted away and the trails are ready to go. As we break from our winter hibernation, we begin to look for new things to occupy our time. At Arapahoe Community College there are many clubs to get involved in. One that has the ability to become particularly active in the warmer weather is running club.

In regards to the club, Meredith Tofield, advisor to the running club has said “The dream for running club is that everyone has someone to run with. The runners who wish to push themselves can and the ones that just want to have fun can do that as well.”

Tofield mentioned that she is probably the slowest runner and would be happy to bring up the rear in a large group; that way no one is left behind. The idea is to be inclusive and support people getting into the sport of running.

This spring, running club plans on participating in the Colfax Marathon Relay (a 26.2 mile run consisting of various teams) that is happening on May, 19. 2019. The club usually hopes to participate in several recognized races each year. Many of the races, that running club participate in, are ones that help charities. That way the entry fee money can be donated to a good cause.

Running club is not meant to be a highly intensive training club but rather a supportive club that helps students get into or stay in shape and fall in love with running. This club will not cause flashbacks to those elementary school fitness pacer tests. This is a tight knit group with different skill levels that support one another.

To get involved contact E-mail the President (Caleb Schnarr – [email protected]) or member DJ Mount at [email protected] and let them know that you are interested.

Just let them know what your availability is and they will work with you to set up time to go for a run with you. Next semester the club will be searching for a new president and if that sounds like a position for you, now is a great time to get involved.