Firearm Discharged Near ACC


Image via Liam Toomey

Police outside the Littleton RDT Station and Arapahoe Community College Art and Design Center in Littleton, Colo., Friday, April 27, 2018. ACC campus police and the Littleton Police Department responded to an accidental discharge of a weapon.

Liam Toomey, Reporter

On Friday, April 27, 2018, Arapahoe Community College campus police responded to an accidental discharge of a weapon at the intersection of Prince Street and Alamo Avenue.

The Littleton Police responded as well, taking over the investigation into the incident.

A man driving a truck accidentally discharged his weapon, hitting himself in the leg. The truck was a dark grey Toyota Tacoma with “ACE” written on the side, which appeared to have no damage.

The driver applied a tourniquet to himself from the seat belt in truck and was rushed to Littleton Adventist Hospital.

A Littleton Police Department officer said that he likely had the gun in his lap while driving. The revolver was in an open trigger holster, leaving the trigger exposed to be pulled quickly.

Chief Jospeh Morris of campus police was quick to state that no one else was at risk. Police on the scene quickly confirmed the incident as an accident.

The Littleton Police briefly closed both lanes of traffic on Prince Street. The incident was brought to the side of the road within minutes.