Things are looking up for the Astronomy Club

Things are looking up – almost always – for ACC’s Astronomy Club.

The group meets weekly to observe the night sky or discuss topics related to worlds beyond ours.

Headed by adviser Jennifer Jones, the club has a mission of informing students about the vast variety of stars.

On clear nights, the club heads outside with a telescope handy to peer among the stars, even getting some photos (astrophotography). On cloudy nights the club keeps the operation indoors to discuss space-related topics, such as the recent discovery of water on Mars.

The club is not limited to the ACC campus. It plans a trip to the theater to view the new Matt Damon film, ‘The Martian.’

In addition, guest speakers often are invited to discuss astronomy.

Students may attend a club meeting, or join the club, by visiting room M3740 any Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. Information on the club can be found online at ACC’s website, which features the club’s own homepage. The website is at:

If students wish to go beyond the club, ACC offers courses in Astronomy. Jones also heads the Astronomy Department, and students are encouraged to contact her online at [email protected] The department’s website is at