Trump’s 3-Part Plan for the Opioid Epidemic

Lauran Hamm, Reporter

President Donald Trump addressed the nation live on Monday, March 19, from Manchester, New Hampshire — where the opioid overdose rate is the second highest in the country — to address a three-part plan the administration will take as an effort to curb the count of 115 people who die from opioids every day. The plan calls for harsher punishment, prevention and compassionate treatment by investing an additional $6 billion dollars into the opioid crisis.

Currently, there is only confirmation of a conference in April regarding how the $6 billion dollars will be spent. President Trump has however ensured this plan will not be subsidized by the American citizens.

As for the actual action involved, President Trump was affirmative in “getting tough on drug dealers” who “illegally pedal these poisons,” even up to the death penalty when viable.

Furthermore, prevention directed at the citizens was emphasized, including looking at non-addictive pain-killers with comparable strength; life-saving overdose kits donated to colleges and high schools; advertisement campaigns; and a continuation of opioid removal.

Back in January 2017, The New York Times gave those with an opioid addiction a platform to share their stories. Sometimes the person started as a patient prescribed pain meds who now abuse them due to opioids’ highly-addictive nature.  Other times, the addict started out on pain pills left in the house from previous ailments and later moved on to heroin.  Hopefully through compassionate treatment – including less-addictive pain treatment and more accessible detox therapies – those who are stuck in a rut can find a better way of life.

In closing, President Trump hopes he “sees every American reach their God-given potential.”