Hints for avoiding burnout

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Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Burnout

1. Change the way you think. Force yourself to think of schoolwork in a positive way.

2. Change your routine. Try completing homework early instead of procrastinating.

3. Create a schedule and set aside specific hours for homework.

4. When studying, take periodic, timed breaks to relax—but then get back to it!

5. Find a balance between school and a social life.

6. Form a supportive social network with friends or family.

7. Find an activity to release stress or relax. This can be sports and exercise or a favorite hobby.

8. Talk to the teacher in tough classes to get suggestions or help.

9. Know your goals and keep them in mind. Remember why you are in school and what you are working toward.

10. Talk to one of the school counselors for suggestions and guidance.