The Denver Broncos are Buzzin’ with Kirk Cousins

Jason Truitt, Reporter

Another National Football League season comes to an end; another free agent quarterback seeks their new home and their new massive payroll. This offseason, it will be former Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins. Cousins, who led the Washington Redskins to the playoffs in 2015, is definitely to the most talented player in free agency this year.

According to Bleacher Report, the four potential teams seeking his service include the New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos. After Jimmy Garoppolo’s new NFL record-setting, five-year, $137.5 million contract with the San Francisco 49ers, seemingly unreal for a player of his experience and resume, Cousins now has a chance to obtain an even bigger record-breaking deal. He will likely be paid more than that if he heads to the Mile High City. The Jets and Browns have more cap room than the Broncos, so Denver must be willing to pay higher than any other team to obtain Cousins.

Cousins seems to be better than any of the rookies in this draft class, come day one. The Broncos are missing talent on the offensive line and especially at quarterback. Denver should pay the veteran QB and then use their number one pick in the draft on the 330-pound, left guard Quenton Nelson, who Daniel Jeremiah of and others call “the best interior O-line prospect to enter the draft in a long time.”

One of the marquee Broncos players is now using cereal to help recruit Cousins. About a week ago, Cousins posted a photo on Instagram of two cereal boxes. “I was raised on these two cereals. ‘Bout time they were brought back into our home,” Cousins captioned the photo. Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller seemed to use the photo as an opportunity to help recruit the soon-to-be free agent quarterback. In a effort to relate, Miller commented on the photo “Raised eating both. Breakfast lunch and dinner lol.”












To add to the linebacker’s recruitment scheme, just a day later Cousins posted a peaceful, beautiful photograph of a rainbow on Instagram with the caption “Love a good rainbow.” Oh, and guess who suddenly loves a good rainbow, too? You guessed it. Miller replied to the tweet stating, “You’re absolutely right! If Kirk loves rainbows, I LOVE RAINBOWs! Lol.” We now know that the Broncos linebacker is willing to beg on two knees for Cousins to play for Denver and, hopefully, is also willing to take a pay cut to help bring him in.








During NFL Network’s “Up to the Minute” on Feb. 19, host Andrew Siciliano questioned Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger on his prediction of where the former quarterback will land. “I think it’s Denver man, I think it’s Denver,” Swearinger stated. “With the situation they have out there on defense, they’re missing their quarterback.” 

Even with the third-ranked defense, Denver’s 2017 season was far from pleasant. They finished with a 5-11 record and missed the playoffs for a second consecutive time. The quarterback ranked seventh in passing yards last year, passing for 4,093 yards and 27 touchdowns on 540 attempts, definitely seems to be the much needed missing piece to the Broncos’ crazy puzzle.

With two Pro Bowl-caliber receivers, talent on the defensive side of the ball and management by Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway, the Broncos seem to be Cousins’ best option to keep buzzin’ with.

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