‘The Flash’ Is Reborn

Eric Gonzalez, Student Life Editor & Entertainment Reporter

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Season four of “The Flash” premiered on October 10th, returning to the CW with supersonic intensity.

For those who don’t know, “The Flash” is about Barry Allen, a teen that got struck by lighting and ended up in a coma. After waking up, he realized he could run really fast. Really fast. He becomes the hero of Central City, who we all know simply as ‘The Flash’.

But it’s more than that; there’s a whole crowd of heroes and villains to keep you interested.

‘The Flash’ has an amazing cast, including:

Grant Gustin: Barry Allen / The Flash

Candice Patton: Iris West

Danielle Panabaker:  Caitlin Snow

Carlos Valdes: Cisco Ramon

Tom Cavanagh: Harrison Wells

Jesse L. Martin: Joe West

Keiynan Lonsdale: Wally West / Kid Flash

Neil Sandilands: The Thinker

Kim Engelbrecht: The Mechanic

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do, because what I’d really like to talk about is season four. Beware, there are spoilers ahead.

The show picks up where we last saw team flash. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was going into the speed force to fix his mistakes. He said goodbye to Iris, Cisco, Wally, Joe, Jay, and Julian.


The episode kicks off with Cisco, Wally, and Joe chasing down the villain Peek-a-boo in Central City. At Star Labs, Iris is telling them where to go and how to fight her.


Where is Caitlin? Fans last saw Caitlin battling her ‘Killer Frost’ instincts and taking a break from team flash. She is now a bartender at a local bar in Central City.

Image via Inverse.

Later on in the episode, The Samurai who arrives in Central City wants one thing and that’s ‘the Flash,’ aka Barry Allen. But, how can the gang get Barry if he is stuck in the speed force? Going against Iris’s wishes, Cisco reaches out to Caitlin and gets her on board of bringing Barry back to them.

They build a machine that will suck Barry out of the speed force. When Cisco, Caitlin, Wally, and Joe test it out they believe the machine failed since Barry never appeared. Miles away Barry is reborn again by landing somewhere else. He is later brought in by Central City Police and the gang goes to investigate it.


When they arrive at the police station, they’re shocked to see what’s going on. Barry is not himself; he is writing strange symbols on the wall and speaking gibberish. The gang takes him back to Star Labs to run a few tests on him, but can’t figure out what is going on.

Iris (Barry’s fiance), decides to be captured by the Samurai in order to break Barry. When Joe (Iris’s dad) tells Barry what happened, he runs to her. He defeats the Samurai who, strangely enough, ended up being just a robot. Barry returns to normal and starts talking again, then he reunites with his beloved fiance Iris and the two kiss passionately. Barry doesn’t remember anything from the speed force, but there are plenty of other mysteries for the team to solve.


In the end of the episode, we finally see the new villain for this season, ‘The Thinker.’ This is the first time that the show will have its first non-speedster villain. Also, it looks like he is teaming up with an assistant known as ‘The Mechanic.’ This is a change of pace for the show; it will be exciting to see how Barry and his team will defeat him now that Barry can finally use his speed power as an advantage. But will it be enough?

Image via Collider. (The Thinker)

Image via Collider. (The Mechanic)

In addition to the ending, viewers also saw Caitlin quitting her bartender job and officially becoming ‘Killer Frost’ again after her boss really pissed her off and said she isn’t going anywhere. She may be ‘Killer Frost,’ but she’s got a hot temper.

Fans’ responses to the premiere were either joyful or disappointed. A lot of fans don’t like how the show is becoming more about Iris and Barry and not about fighting villains. They believe the show is becoming a little too romantic.

Images via Facebook.

Personally, I thought it was a great season premiere full of romance and battling. I’m happy to see the gang back together fighting a unique new villain. I’m looking forward to the direction of this season and can’t wait to see what team flash does next.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re excited — or angry — about the new season.