Jimmy Kimmel & Trevor Noah Speak Out On Las Vegas Shooting

Eric Gonzalez, Student Life Editor & Entertainment Reporter

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On October 2nd, television took a stand against gun violence with the help of late night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah.

After the Las Vegas Shooting, the two spoke about their views on gun control and the politicians who oppose it. Asking what can be done to stop these tragedies, Kimmel gave a heartwarming monologue calling us to action, while Noah criticized the current GOP legislation aimed at loosening gun rules.

“I don’t know why our so-called leaders continue to allow this to happen,” Kimmel raved, “or maybe a better question — why do we continue to let them allow it to happen?”

Image via Business Insider.

Kimmel slammed Republican congressional leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. He said it was good that these two are sending prayers to Las Vegas, but that they should be praying to God instead; it’s God that should forgive them for letting gun lobbyists run this country. Kimmel was honest saying that he doesn’t want to talk about topics like this, he wants his show to be about comedy. He wants to make people laugh, but it’s been difficult lately. Kimmel thinks it’s not about gun control, it’s about common sense.

“Common sense says no good will ever come from allowing a person to have weapons that can take down 527 Americans at a concert. Common sense says you don’t let those who suffer from mental illness buy guns.”

Kimmel ended his show with Luke Combs, who was set to perform at the Las Vegas country music concert on the night of the shooting. Mr. Combs sang “Used to You” to honor the victims.

Trevor Noah also spoke out, as he has become known to do. In the last two years, he has expressed dismay at the many mass shootings that have occurred in the country.

“Just to give you an idea of how far away America is from actual gun control, this week Congress is going to vote on deregulating gun silencers. Because I guess Congress is thinking gun violence is out of control: ‘ How can we make it quieter”, said Trevor Noah.

Image via Time Magazine.

“To the people of Las Vegas, I cannot give you thoughts and prayers. I can only say I’m sorry that we live in a world where people would put a gun before your lives”, Noah said.

Noah argues that we live in a country where we are afraid to talk about guns. In fact, we’ll talk about anything else to avoid talking about them. Take plane crashes or bridge collapses, for instance.  When a plane goes down, we immediately begin talking about airline safety; when a bridge collapses, we immediately begin talking about infrastructure and bridge safety.  If now is not the time, when is?

Both of these hosts shared their views on gun control, both made demands on how their needs to be stricter laws and how something needs to be done.

Many have asked, “How many more people have to die before enough is enough?” Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel are wondering, too.

Watch the clips for yourself below.

What do you think should be done about gun violence? Do you like the way Noah and Kimmel responded to the situation? Leave a comment below.