Edibles Take New Shape


Edible consumers may note a change in the appearance of gummies this week. Dispensaries discontinued the fun shaped edibles, such as animals, fruits, and characters on October 1. Colorado’s new law disallows the creative shapes, but the edibles can still be fruit flavored.

Lawmakers and partakers alike want to increase public knowledge and awareness about these types of products.

The purpose of the new requirements is to add a level of security to protect children from mistakenly consuming edibles believing they are candy. A year ago, the word ‘candy’ or ‘candies’ were banned from use on packaging, and this law applies the same reasoning to the shape requirements.

In addition to the lack of creative design, all edibles will now be required to have larger fonts on the packaging, and the product’s potency must be highlighted or circled.

According to new legislation:

“Potency for medical and retail marijuana, concentrate and product, must be labeled in a font size that is at least two font sizes larger than the surrounding label text and also not less than 10-point font.”

It is lawmakers’ hope that by providing more attention to the amount of THC within a product, there will be fewer instances of people consuming more than they can handle.

Edibles have become notorious for their delayed effects. Often times, people assume they have not consumed enough for the product to take effect. They choose to take more, not recognizing their mistake until it is too late.

Bud-tenders recommend users wait at least two hours after an initial dose before deciding on whether to consume more.

Both aspects of the new legislation seek to save folks the panic, as well as a trip to the emergency room, 1) by being more upfront about potency levels, and 2) keeping tiny hands off what can look to be regular gummy candy.

These new restrictions are far from the first and likely not the last in this new and growing industry. Since marijuana became legal in Colorado in 2014, the original Amendment 64 has seen its fair share of revisions on how marijuana is sold, grown, and used.

In the spirit of greater awareness, it is worth noting that, as with alcohol, there is value to knowing one’s own limits. Before consuming edible marijuana, you can check out the local Denver Post publication The Cannabist for some beginner’s tips.