This Season on “American Horror Story”: Clowns, Trump and Death

Eric Gonzalez, Student Life Editor

To some Americans, Donald Trump being elected was the best news ever. To others it was horrifying. Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, took both the love and fear felt by many Americans and created a TV show. “American Horror Story: Cult” is based on the 2016 election.

For those of you who don’t know, AHS is an anthology show with seven seasons, each of which centered on a different theme in a different setting telling a different story. Previously there has been an asylum, a coven, a freak show and others. In this season, Ryan Murphy took a political route.

The plot follows Ally Richards (Sarah Paulson), who plays a lesbian woman who’s married to Ivy Richards (Alison Pill). Ally is horrified after the results of the 2016 election, as she was not the biggest Trump supporter. Ally has a fear of clowns and from her anxiety due to Donald Trump, she starts seeing clowns everywhere. Her son Oz (Cooper Dodson) has an obsession with clowns and starts seeing them as well, especially the clown from season four, ‘Twisty.’ The couple hires Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd) as their nanny, the sister of Kai Anderson (Evan Peters). Kai is demanding justice for his city and is using the citizens’ fear as an advantage to run for city council.

Fans of the show have either been all for it or running away from it. Usually, people watch TV to get an escape from reality, so with politics being the central focus, many have stopped watching. That said, on September 5th, the show pulled 3.93 million viewers and a 2.02 rating among adults 18 to 49. That number marks a 24% drop from the number of people who tuned in last season. The series hit its lowest number of viewers since the show’s season one premiere of “Murder House” in 2011, with just 3.18 million viewers.

Here’s what fans are saying about the new season, either hating it or enjoying it:

Many American Horror Story fans have commented on social media that they’re ‘done with the show’ and the theme is just Ryan Murphy’s attempt to bash the Republican Party since he’s a liberal. This season is, however, making fun of both parties. In the intro, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are portrayed in a dark and comical way.  The series has been renewed for two more seasons, so we’ll just have to see where Ryan Murphy takes us next.

Check out the Season 7 trailer below.