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Katie Wamsley

Katie Wamsley, Health Reporter

Katie Wamsley is a Colorado native who enjoys being a life-long learner with the many interesting twists and adventures along the way.  At Eastern Arizona College (1996) Katie started out as a descant vocal major (E-flat major) singing Latin and English parts of "Danza" she can still sing today: Francesco Durante - "Danza, danza fanciulla gentile".  Through being hazed in college, Katie made a 180-degree turn to law enforcement. Work-study programs provided her experience as a Park Ranger in Aravaipa Canyon, with the Arizona Bureau of Land Management.  It wasn't too hard to find something to do: surviving the desolate desert while doing the weekend home visits to help with the Ostrich farm and Arizona Christmas trees.  She would climb mountains and build trails with the U.S. Forest Service, right down to several near death experiences (asthma attacks) leading her to transfer to Northwestern Oklahoma State University.  Katie explored professional photography and actually became an Oklahoma State Cadet Correctional Officer.  Her free spirit took flight as she made her way back to Colorado and became a Certified Sports Massage Therapist serving many of the Denver Bronco's in 2004-'05 as a parent.  Presently, she holds a BA in Religious Studies.  Katie is most interested in somatic-psychology and developing further as a writer through journalism here at ACC.  She has been a published poet, written for churches in Parker, she has written for a ministry blog and a Celebrant for Interfaith Memorials, including "Health" reporter for the Pinnacle to her repertoire.

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