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PHOTOS: Euflora Returns for FlyHi 4:20 Festival

PHOTOS: Euflora Returns for FlyHi 4:20 Festival

April 20, 2020

Photos/Jason Truitt Thousands attended the annual 4/20 event, again hosted by Euflora, at Civic Center Park in Denver, Colo on Apr. 20, 2019 for a celebration of marijuana's progress towards nationwide acceptance....

Euflora Hosts Successful 4/20 Festival in Denver

Thousands of stoners gather up in front of Denver's Capitol building awaiting artists Lil Jon and Lil Wayne April 20, 2018.

Jason Truitt, Reporter

April 29, 2018

Colorado recreational marijuana dispensary chain Euflora successfully sponsored one of Denver’s best 4/20 "rallies" to date on April 20, 2018, in Civic Center Park.  Wit...

Marijuana enthusiasts alike gather in Civic Center Park to enjoy 4/20 together. (Photo Credit Flickr via Creative Commons)

“Have a Little Pot” Event Encouraged a Safe 4/20

April 26, 2018

April 20 is a day associated with many meanings – Hitler’s birthday, the remembrance of Columbine’s school shooting, and a day for celebrating ganja!...

Denver 4/20 Ban Leaves Sponsors Up in Smoke

Denver 4/20 Ban Leaves Sponsors Up in Smoke

November 2, 2017

As the smoke cleared from Civic Center Park April 20th, 2017 what remained was utter chaos. The limitless piles of garbage and numerous unpaid vendors...

A look inside The International Church of Cannabis. Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via The Cannabist

Initiative 300 and the International Church of Cannabis

April 19, 2017

4/20 might be extra hazy this year with Initiative 300 in place, Colorado’s new social-marijuana law. Passed in November, the purpose of the initiative is...