The Arapahoe Pinnacle

Image via Scouting magazine by Robert Charles Illustration

High Altitude Risks

May 6, 2018

As much as the mountains fill the hiker’s heart with joy, there are times when your body betrays you. As living beings, our bodies are very good at adapting...

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Take a Needed Study Break. Follow Me on a Drive and Let’s Get Out Hiking!

May 5, 2018

We are in the home stretch of finishing Spring semester, folks! The race is on for turning in missing assignments, studying for finals, and finally compiling...

Skyline of the Denver Technology Center from atop a hill at George Wallace Park April 15, 2018.

Welcome To George Wallace Park

April 22, 2018

George Wallace Park, or Wallace Park as it’s come to be known, is an extremely versatile outdoor park resting in the south Denver area. Located at 47...

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Colorado Trail marker on Segment 2.

Call of the CT

April 22, 2018

The countdown is down to three weeks now. “In addition to the three-part final which contains a two page take-home essay portion, you will be giving...

Types Of Rock Climbing

Image via Greg Peoples

Ashley Peoples, Reporter

April 15, 2018

A sport unlike no other. Rock climbing attracts the most adventurous athletes who are willing to defy gravity at any cost. Rock climbing encompasses...

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Hanging Lake is an example of a trail endangered by unethical hikers.

Am I My Trail’s Keeper?

March 28, 2018

With only about seven more weeks of the semester left, that means summer is almost here: the prime season for some real mountaineering (not discounting...

During Spring Break (Mon. March 12-Sat. March 17) students and professors take a pause from the typical class schedule. (Photo credit PixaBay via Creative Commons).

The Best Spring Break Advice? to Actually Take a Break

March 9, 2018

Already, spring break is crouching in this Monday, March 12 - Saturday, March 17. With jobs and schoolwork begging for attention, spring break can feel...

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Winter Hiking, What?

February 23, 2018

Winter got you down and sniffly? Bogged down with studying? It's time to put the books aside and breathe in some fresh air. Trust me, you will feel much...

A Visit to the City of Gold

A Visit to the City of Gold

September 28, 2017

Estes Park, a town famous for the changing aspen trees, rolled out the gold carpet this past weekend as it kicked off the fall season for tourists. ...

The Switzerland of America: Ice Climbing in Ouray, Colorado  

Ashante Wood, Outdoor and Relationship Journalist

December 10, 2016

178 miles outside of Denver, Ouray (Your-ay) Colorado is well worth the six hour drive. Ouray is known as the Switzerland of America, and I cannot think of a better description! The entire town rests in a bowl of immense mountains, perfectly frosted with snow in the winter. There are few sights in Colorado more beautiful than Ouray; and that is really saying something! Ouray...

Ashante Wood

Colorado Spectacular – 15 Must Haves For Hiking a 14er

October 14, 2016

As a very important disclaimer this is a list that applies to hiking anything less than a class three 14er. As the class of a 14er increases so does t...

The Colorado Crestones

The Colorado Crestones

September 14, 2016

In south-central Colorado, the Crestones stands tall and tucked away in the Sangre De Cristo mountain range. This collection of five peaks soaring above...